About Us

Watershed Arts Alliance is a non-profit arts organization working to bring arts and cultural programs to the people of Pulaski County. Sponsoring a variety of events, Watershed fosters arts and cultural experiences for everyone in this area, encouraging our young people’s interest in the arts as well as supporting local artists.

From the presentation of Handel’s Messiah, to providing music and art classes, to the annual Art in the Vineyard and more, Watershed Arts Alliance is committed to making all genres of the arts available to the residents of Pulaski and surrounding counties. Through annual memberships, donations, and grants, we are able to provide these events at little or no cost to the public.

Sponsorships from individuals, and businesses large and small, enable Watershed to bring outstanding professional theater, writers, artists, musicians, and more to Pulaski County. Through the generosity of sponsors working in tandem with Watershed, we are helping to enrich our community by providing affordable access to high quality arts events.

Watershed Arts Alliance is funded by the City of Somerset, Pulaski County Fiscal Court,
 local sponsors, and friends.